“I received personal service and great improvement in hearing from Pueblo Hearing Aids.  The technology is providing adjustments that fit my individual needs.  Just gets better everyday.”–Seldom W.

“I went to four different places for my hearing aids.  Pueblo Hearing Aids was where I was treated like a person not a number, one place would not even talk to me until they knew how they were going to get paid.  I was never asked how I was going to pay for them.  Shad and Deanna are the best even to this day if I walk in they know me by name.” –Steve W.

“Very happy with service, friendly people, very helpful.  I have referred friends.” — Linda W.

“Very pleasant for any appointment changes, because of physical problems, they were very patient and understanding.” –Ernestine V.

“Employee and Specialist both very friendly, always on time for visits, knowledgeable, I enjoyed any visits to them.” — May P.

“The staff at the hearing aid center for Pueblo, Colorado, has always been very courteous and helpful.  I would recommend them and I have done so in the past.” –Margaret C.

“Pueblo Hearing Aids is good and courteous, I recommend.” –John R. T.

“I am very pleased with hearing instrument and the staff at Pueblo Hearing Aids. Buying this hearing aid has allowed me to communicate again with people where I found myself withdrawing from parties and groups of people.  It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.” –Sam P.

“Very satisfied with all aspects of my care.” –Veronica R.

“I noticed that I was having difficulty with hearing soft or low voices in meetings and church.  I came in for an evaluation and met with professional staff that put me at ease immediately.  They addressed all my needs and found perfect fit in hearing aids for my problems.  I have been able to turn down the volume on radio and TV, and my family says I no longer talk loudly; which I was not aware that I did.  My thanks to the great staff.” –Rose M.

“I have found the staff at Pueblo Hearing Aids to be very knowledgeable, friendly and truly caring about my needs.  They are truly special.” –Charles A W.

“I am very pleased with my hearing aids, if you wouldn’t have helped me by telling me about the deal my insurance I would not have been able to afford them.” –W.L.F.

“When I entered the Pueblo Hearing Aid Services facility, it was as if I was seeing friends.  Everyone was so friendly, and I had no waiting to get my hearing checked.  Everything was explained to me after getting the hearing aids that I picked to hear well.  I know I can visit the facility at any time they are open and get my hearing aids cleaned and checked.  Thanks to all the people at Pueblo Hearing Aid Services.” – Juanita R. – St. Lamar, CO

“I didn’t know how much hearing loss I had but they are so comfortable even in my sensitive ear.  I really enjoy this product.”    – Leonard G. M. – Pueblo West

“In the past 15 years, I have been through about 15 pairs of hearing aids.  These counts those returned to Starkey for repair, replacement, reprogramming, etc. I would rate half of them as “useless” for a variety of reasons – some I kept for as short as two days – As severe as my hearing is, the current Phonak are the best aid to hearing I have had.  I have felt that the personnel at Pueblo Hearing, specifically Shad Stockton, have been most diligent and devoted to getting them “fine-tuned” to maximum efficiency.” –  William T. – Pueblo, CO

“I now carry several of their cards in my wallet so that I can pass them on to people with hearing needs.  I am grateful for what they have done for me.”   –   Larry B. – Pueblo, CO





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